With more than 9 years of experience, Chloé has become an expert in New York City, specifically the Upper West Side. Working for both Barnes International and The Corcoran Group, Chloe's expert knowledge in the real estate market, and ambition to close the best deals is what drives her.

Behind every good real estate agent is an even better marketing strategy




increase in Facebook following

online interactions

increase in Facebook interactions

Real estate professional with a vision of the future

“It was very simple! After the subscription, I was able to define my objectives with a Shoot'In expert who gave me all the information I needed to prepare my interview. Not long after, I saw my personalized content automatically published on my social networks!”

Living in one of the most fast-paced cities in the world, Chloe's biggest marketing challenge as a realtor in New York City is keeping an organized structure of her workload alongside time management.

According to her, "behind every good real estate agent is an even better marketing strategy. My clients want to be educated on the home buying and selling processes and the real estate market, but a stronger impact is made when it is coming directly from you as an agent. Video is the future of real estate, and getting in front of the camera is what generates leads." Yet, hiring a professional photographer, planning the photo and video shoot, and having to post online regularly would not fit into her schedule, as she juggles her personal life, closing deals and meeting clients. Chloé needed an all-in-one marketing team who could manage all of that for her without costing her a leg and an arm.

All-in-one and budget friendly

Chloé signed up with Artur'In so that she could spend time elsewhere, knowing her digital marketing was taken care of. In addition to Facebook and Instagram ads, social media management, and blog creation and upkeep, Chloe also signed up for the Shoot'In option. She now has personalized photo and video publications that showcase her strengths as a real estate agent.

More visitors, views and leads

“Consistency of business throughout the year is what I need to feel safe in my job, and strong marketing is where that all begins.”

Since beginning the Shoot'In publications, Chloe has seen an impressive increase in social media interactions. Her past and current clients have even been responding to her video and photo publications, as well as her overall new digital marketing strategy.

Chloé aims to bring satisfaction to her clients even after the sale. With her new digital marketing strategy, she was able to impact the lives of her clients by leveraging the digital word of mouth, and by being the go-to resource of her local community.

She says "90% of my past clients refer businesses to me. I need to stay top of mind and keep a strong professional relationship with all of my past and current clients. Consistency of business throughout the year is what I need to feel safe in my job, and strong marketing is where that all begins." Artur'In has been a huge help in improving her marketing strategy and her overall real estate business.

An example of Shoot'In photos as a part of the Artur'In package of Chloé.

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